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Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to get notified about new releases and inventory updates?
Ans. Johnston Chrysler takes in pre-order of cars the customers are looking for or new releases announced by Chrysler, Fiat, Dodge, RAM beforehand and notifies the customers on their chosen contact on arrival. Johnston Chrysler dealership also helps their customer with buying processes and regularly puts on updates on the website.

2) What is the current lineup of Chrysler vehicles?
Ans. Embark on a journey through Chrysler's refined lineup, where elegance meets innovation. At the forefront, we have the enduring classic, the Chrysler Voyager ,Chrysler Pacifica, & the new Pacifica Hybrid. The Chrysler 300 has been discontinued and has been grouped with Chrysler Pacifica. Over the years, the pacifica series has proven to be one of the most reliable models from Chrysler over the years. For a comprehensive look at our current lineup and the latest releases, explore the meticulously curated details on the Chrysler page of our website.

3) What are the newest vehicles available at Johnston Dodge dealership in Hamilton?
Ans. Our Dodge dealership facility in Hamilton has a remarkable reputation for bringing in the newest releases the fastest. Our current in-store inventory consists of the popular plug-in hybrids 2024 Dodge hornet , Hornet PHEV R/T Plus 4dr with different add-on packages for utility, performance and functionality along with previous models.

4) Is Chrysler Still Manufacturing a HEMI Engine for RAM trucks?
Ans. Yes, the RAM trucks moving forward will still have HEMI engines, providing the power and performance. The eight cylinder engine is the heart of providing high performance. HEMI engines are not just an industry standard, they're a testament to relentless innovation. And, with every year, the engines get upgraded with better torque, providing most power for pick-up trucks, among the competitors.

5) Is Fiat 500 Coming Back to Canada?
Ans. Fiat 500 was discontinued in Canada in 2019 because of their performance in the market but it is actually a super compact and customizable model with italian design, convertible. It’s a good car for everyday use and hence, the car is coming back as an electric version to the Canadian market and entering the EV market.