What New Drivers Should Look For When Purchasing A Vehicle

Buying your first car is exciting. It even feels like a reward, for getting your license and saving up. Buying a new (or a new used) car is nerve racking though, especially if it’s your first. This article hopes to take some of the pressure off. We’ll focus on car features that are beneficial for new drivers, as well as compare new to used vehicles.



Maybe it’s shallow, but it just feels sooooo good to be the first owner of a new car. There’s also a lot of perks:

  • You don’t need to worry about previous wear or hidden damage, that kind of peace of mind is priceless.
  • Warranties are also standard with a new car, which is very reassuring.
  • A new model is more likely to have the latest features including advanced safety systems and interior amenities.




  • Lower insurance rates are always appreciated, but especially among new drivers. Many insurance providers have higher rates for new drivers, so a used vehicle will save additional money this way.
  • The car is often available immediately, without extra charges.



When you merge the benefits of a new car and a used car, the end result is a perfect compromise. A certified pre-owned vehicle means a car in reliable condition that is (usually) less than three years old. With this option your vehicle has low mileage, plus the manufacturer’s warranties. You’re also treated to the safety and comfort features of a new car.


For a vehicle to be certified, the car needs to pass an inspection and have no history of damage. A reputable and licensed mechanic or dealership can certify used cars. This reduces a lot of the worry that comes with purchasing a used car.


When deciding between new, used, or certified used, it’s important to talk to one of our financing experts. Johnston Chrysler has a well-educated and trained staff that can help with every step in the decision and purchase process. We encourage you to reach out for as much help as you need.



  • REARVIEW CAMERA: Talk about a game-changer. The biggest benefit of a rear-facing camera is eliminating backover accidents by widening your field of vision. The ability to see below window or trunk level makes it a feature worthy of consideration. You’ll be happy to know that rearview cameras come standard on most new Chryslers.
  • LANE KEEP ASSIST: Even as a new driver, I’m sure you’ve seen cars accidentally swerving or drifting out of their lane. It’s a reminder of how quickly an accident can happen. That’s why we love it when more and more drivers opt for lane keep assist features in their vehicle; it’s one less car on the road that’s swerving into your lane. LaneSense from Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep provides a departure warning, giving you audio and visual cues if you start drifting outside your lane. The feature also gently steers you back into your lane using the electric power steering system.
  • PARKING TECHNOLOGY: If heading to downtown Hamilton or Toronto stresses you out because you hate parking, then you’ll appreciate the new parking technology available today. Parallel and Perpendicular Park Assist from Chrysler will guide you into a parking spot by controlling your steering with ultrasonic sensors. ParkSense Rear Park Assist also helps when backing into parking spots.
  • FORWARD COLLISION WARNING: Computers have quicker reflexes than humans, it’s that simple. That’s why it’s nice to know that Forward Collision Warning features are becoming standard, helping to keep all of us safe. If you’re approaching another vehicle too quickly visual/audible alerts are sent to the driver. If the driver doesn’t react in time, the car will apply the brakes.


With so much to think about, you’ll probably find it helpful to speak to financial and service professionals. The team at Johnston Chrysler takes pride in helping our customers every step of the way, even after the purchase.